Key Stats For All 2nd Round Games


1.Virginia vs. 16. Coastal Carolina

Virginia is 8th in field goal percentage defense (38.5%) and Coastal Carolina shoots 43.8% 197th in the country.

8. Memphis vs. 9. George Washington

George Washington shoots the 3 at 36.9% while Memphis is 28th best at defending it at 30.8%

5. Cincinnati vs. 12. Harvard

Harvard shoots at 46.7% and Cincinnati at just 42.7%

4. Michigan State vs. 13. Delaware

Michigan State gives up 65.3 points per game and Delaware scores 79.5

6. North Carolina vs. 11. Providence

Providence commits 11.6 turnovers per game and North Carolina averages 15.6 assist a game.

3.Iowa State vs. 14. North Carolina Central

Iowa State is 6th in the country in scoring at 82.9 and North Carolina Central is 7th in defense at 58.5 points per game.

7. Connecticut vs. 10. St. Joseph’s

Connecticut shoots 44.8% and St. Joseph’s is 33rd in defensive rebounding at 26.1 a game

2. Villanova vs. 15. Milwaukee

Villanova scores 78.5 points per game and Milwaukee allows 70.5



1.Arizona vs.  16. Weber State

Arizona is 5th in points allowed at 58.1 and Weber State is 20th in field goal percentage at 48.1%

8. Gonzaga vs. 9. Oklahoma State

Gonzaga is 5th in the country in field goal at 49.8% and Oklahoma State is 16th in the country in points per game at 80.3

5. Oklahoma vs.  12. North Dakota State

Oklahoma scores 82.2 a game and gives up 75.9. North Dakota State is the top shooting team in the country 50.9%

4. San Diego State vs. 13. New Mexico State

New Mexico State is 7th in the country in blocks with 6.3 and San Diego State has 5.2

6. Baylor vs.  11. Nebraska

Nebraska struggles rebounding with 33.4 and Baylor is 24th at 38.7 a game

3.Creighton vs. 14. Louisiana

Both teams like to score, Louisiana at 81.4 and Creighton at 79.5 points a game

7. Oregon vs. 10. BYU

Both teams score a ton (top 11) of points but also give them up.  BYU allows 77 and Oregon gives up 74.

2. Wisconsin vs. 15. American

American is 7th in field goal percentage at 49.5% but scores just 63.9 points and Wisconsin gives up 64.6.


1.Wichita State vs. 16. Cal Poly

Cal Poly is 319th in field goal percentage at  41% and Wichita State is 11th in the country in points allowed at 59.6

8. Kentucky vs. 9. Kansas State

Kentucky has a huge rebounding edge 41.3 to Kansas State’s 36

5. St. Louis vs. 12. N.C. State

Where St. Louis has the edge is on defense.  Both teams average about 70 points per game but the Billikens give up just 61.2 while N.C. State surrenders 69.2

4. Louisville vs. 13. Manhattan

Louisville is 2nd in the country in steals at 10.1 and Manhattan commits 14.2 turnovers per game.

6. Massachusetts vs. 11. Tennessee

These two teams match up well with UMass 23rd in defensive rebounds per game (26.4) and Tennessee 20th in total rebounding at 38.8 per game

3. Duke vs. 14. Mercer

Mercer is 25th in defensive rebounding at 26.3 and duke is 272nd at just 22.5

7. Texas vs. 10. Arizona State

Arizona State is 1th in defensive rebounding with 27.2 and Texas is 4th in rebounding at 41.8

2. Michigan vs. 15. Wofford

Both teams struggle to rebound, Wofford at 33.3 and Michigan at an even worse 31.9


1. Florida vs. 16. Albany

Albany is 287th in scoring at 66 a game and Florida gives up just 57.9 3rd in the country.

8. Colorado vs. 9. Pittsburgh

Colorado shoots 43.7% and Pittsburgh allows just 62.4 points per game

5. VCU vs. 12. Stephen F. Austin

VCU is first in the country in steals at 11 and Stephen F. Austin allows 62.6 points per game.

4. UCLA vs. 13. Tulsa

UCLA averages 9.4 steals per game and Tulsa turns the ball over 11.5 times a game.

6. Ohio State vs. 11. Dayton

Dayton shoots 46.6% from the field and Ohio State is 159th in defensive rebounding at 24 per game.

3. Syracuse vs. 14. Western Michigan

Western Michigan shoots just 33.2% from 3-point land and 46.6% overall and Syracuse struggles defensive rebounding with just 22.1 per game

7. New Mexico vs. 10. Stanford

Both teams are not very good offensive rebounding teams, Stanford grabs 9.67 a game and New Mexico is at 10.64

2. Kansas vs. 15. Eastern Kentucky

Kansas allows teams to shoot 35.9% from 3-point range and Eastern Kentucky shoots it at 39% from 3.


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