On a Roll

Rockets stars

Around the holidays, team’s like to make sure that they get into the spirit of the season. Individually, that might not be the case with the Rockets. Dwight is snatching up rebounds like the Grinch does Christmas decorations and the team as a whole is stealing victories rather than offering up gifts to their opponents. Cheesy analogy? Maybe so. The truth is though that the Rockets seem to have found their groove.

The question coming in to this campaign was about Dwight Howard. Would he fit into the mix? Could he play the way we know he can play? Those questions have been answered with authority. The big man is currently sitting 2nd in the NBA, averaging 13 boards per game and scoring 18 points every night he plays. Couple this with the obvious chemistry that has worked itself out in the locker room and you have a scary good starting 5.

Harden and Parsons are shooting the ball relatively well and drawing fouls like it’s their job (which…I guess technically it is). Lin has played incredibly well and, once he gets his back rehabbed, will be back in his spot helping the team to victory.  The  Rockets  are outscoring their opponents 106-100. Anytime you have a team scoring over 100 every night, the chances of success go up dramatically.

The one weak spot on the team is ball control. The Rockets are giving the ball away an average of 18 times every single game. This has caused them a “W” in a few cases. If they can get the turnovers under control we will see a scary good team making a serious charge for the championship this season.

photo by rockets.clutchfans.net


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