Below The Rim-Swag Gone Wrong

It’s time once again to check out some of the all important Below The Rim happenings around the National Basketball Association. Be sure to check out past editions of Below The Rim to catch up on some of the other moments that have been highlighted, as well as everyone’s favorite tradition, Locally Funded Commercials. On to this week’s biggest winner, Mr. Nick Young.

1. Nick Young

Nick Young is in his 6th year in the association and is currently playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. He has never been one to lack confidence, on or off the court. His nickname, “Swaggy P,” oozes confidence (and swag, of course.) Nick Young honestly thinks he is better than Kobe Bryant. This past week, with the Lakers playing host to the Toronto Raptors, Nick’s on court confidence was on full display. Midway through the 4th quarter, Nick decided to attempt one of the most outlandish lay-ups of all time.

The amount of confidence required to even attempt that shot is off the charts. One would think that that would rank number one all time in terms of godawful Nick Young lay-up attempts. Maybe we’re forgetting we are talking about someone with the nickname “Swaggy P.”

Good Lord. I would argue that that is the worst basketball shot attempted at any level ever. Stephen Hawking could shoot a basketball better than that. Watching Nick Young botch basic 3rd grade basketball fundamentals is YouTube cocaine.  Speaking of outlandish Nick Young basketball moments, this occurred during the recent Lakers/Suns game.

What a pump fake. Thank you Nick Young. You win the internet this week.

2. Gerald Henderson Head Shot

During a recent Buck/Bobcats game, an errant Gerald Henderson pass ended up flying into the stands Tim Tebow style. This occurs from time to time, however, keep an eye on the woman in the front row wearing a large pink jacket.

She is completely knocked out! Since when did a basketball possess the same force as a Mike Tyson uppercut? Did the woman eat the basketball after it blindsided her across her head? So many questions, so few answers. Fortunately they were able to dislodge the ball from her face and resume play.  Also, since when is Gerald Henderson still in the league? To his defense, he plays for the Charlotte Bobcats, a place where all good basketball souls go to die.

3.  Locally Funded Commercials

This week’s winner is our first group to make a repeat appearance! The Oklahoma City Thunder sang their way to being chosen in week one, and they are back at it again this week.

Do sales actually increase because of these? Are the people of OKC now lining up at Norman Chrysler to buy a new Dodge Dart just because they felt compelled by Serge Ibaka’s 1990’s fedora? Whether they work or not, I think we can all agree that they should never stop making them.


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