Below The Rim-Week 4

Below The Rim is back! After a week off due to holiday happenings, we are once again privileged to be able to look at some of the less than stellar events around the National Basketball Association.

1. Kyle Singler’s Glasses

We’ve already covered Kyle’s hideous haircut here, but these glasses take his look to a whole new level.

Kyles Glasses

Now apparently Kyle developed an eye infection and these were prescription glasses that he could wear during the game. However, they look very similar to the glasses that every mid-twenties wannabe hipster girl is now wearing. In other words, they look terrible. Fortunately for everyone involved, the glasses were short-lived as Kyle’s eyes fully recovered and he was able to return the glasses to the local Forever 21.

2. Detroit Pistons Dance Off

During pretty much every NBA game, arena’s try to pump up the crowd by implementing a “dance cam.” During a recent Pistons/Knicks game, this occurred:

Shannon, the usher, and everyone’s favorite kid Antoine were such a hit that they were recently invited to Jimmy Kimmel Live to recreate the dance off. The only question that remains is whether or not it’s too early to start feeding “little” Antoine a steady diet of Jenny Craig meals (I’m kidding.)

3. NBA games in Mexico City

Last night, the NBA decided to have Mexico City host the Spurs/T-Wolves game. Here’s a picture right around when both teams were just beginning to warm up:


There was an ACTUAL FIRE inside the arena. I’m willing to guess that the people of Mexico intentionally started the arena on fire after finding out they would be watching basketball rather than soccer (side note-soccer sucks.) It’s fairly safe to assume that the NBA’s Mexico City experiments will be short-lived.

4. Locally Funded Commercials

This week’s commercial is hands down one of the creepier car advertisements you will ever see.

There are far too many jokes here that I don’t even feel comfortable making. However, the look on Tiago Splitter’s face at the 21 second mark should be enough to get him banned from the league. And I disagree with Gary Neal; in terms of advertising, I’m pretty sure everyone beats Northern Ford.


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