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  • Eric Bledsoe made his return on Friday, and played well on both Friday and Saturday. Last call to try selling high on Goran Dragic.
  • Brook Lopez also returned on Friday, and looked like his old self in a win over the Grizzlies on Saturday. Andray Blatche managed to play well on Saturday too, but his string of productive games should come to an end very soon.
  • James Harden is back in the Rocket’s lineup, and had a vintage Harden line on Saturday. Looks like his foot injury is behind him.
  • Spencer Hawes has recovered from his knee injury, as he played on Friday and Sunday. His minutes were on the low side, but he was still productive. He should be back to his full minutes-load this week.
  • Thaddeus Young actually returned on Wednesday, but he re-entered the starting lineup on Friday. All five of these returning players played well over the weekend, and should be back in your starting lineup this week.


  • Anthony Davis, tragically, suffered a non-displaced fracture in his left hand during Sunday’s game against the Knicks. He is out indefinitely. Look for Ryan Anderson to step up, and Jason Smith to become relevant again.
  • Jeremy Lin will miss about two weeks with a grade 1 knee sprain. Patrick Beverly and Aaron Brooks will both see a short-term bump in their production.
  • Jameer Nelson missed Friday’s game with a foot injury. He did travel with the team to Washington for their game tonight, but check his status before actually starting him.
  • Zach Randolph wasn’t able to play on Saturday due to an ingrown toenail. Let’s assume he’ll have this taken care of before their next game.
  • Jose Calderon didn’t suit up on Saturday because of an ankle injury. He is considered day-to-day.
  • Ersan Ilyasova has been in and out of the lineup so many times that I’ve lost count. Unless you absolutely have to, don’t play him this week. In fact, don’t play him at all until he strings together two-to-three productive and healthy games.
  • J.J. Redick will miss 6-8 weeks with a fractured bone in his right hand. Willie Green will become the starter, but Jamal Crawford and Jared Dudley are the most likely beneficiaries.
  • Tobias Harris’s ankle still isn’t right. As with Ilyasova, wait until you see Harris return healthy and be productive before putting him into your starting lineup.


  • Gal Mekel got the start in place of Jose Calderon on Saturday, and had 7 assists in 26 minutes. If Calderon were to miss any significant time, Mekel becomes an interesting waiver wire prospect.
  • Ed Davis started at PF on Saturday in place of Zach Randolph. As I said, Zach should be back next game, but I still think Ed Davis could have value in very deep leagues as long as Marc Gasol is out.
  • John Henson started against the Celtics on Saturday, and destroyed them with 13 points, 13 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 blocks. He is excellent when he gets minutes, but I keep shying away from him because at some point Ilyasova and Larry Sanders will be the starters again, right?
  • Tyler Hansbrough started at power forward for the Raptors on Sunday. He sent the struggling Amir Johnson to the bench. I don’t think Hansbrough is worth an add just yet, but if you haven’t dropped Amir yet, now’s the time.
  • Hollis Thompson started for thr 76ers on Sunday, sending the ineffective James Anderson to the bench. Thompson is a SF, so the move pushed Evan Turner to SG. Thompson only had 6 points and 6 rebounds, but anyone getting minutes of this 76ers D League team is at least worth a mention.
  • Andrew Bynum played a season-high 30 minutes on Saturday, and dominated the Bulls with 20 points, 10 rebounds, 3 assists and 5 blocks! Because it’s Bynum, we must all temper our expectations. However, this game represents more than just signs of life, and Bynum is worth a speculative add in most leagues at this point.


  • Shawne Williams went off on Friday night. Coming off the bench for the Lakers, he posted 20 points, 9 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals, 1 block and 6 threes made. Mike D’antoni loves his stretch power forwards.
  • Wesley Johnson, during that same game, exploded for 27 points, 6 rebounds, 3 blocks and 6 threes made. Perhaps David Kahn was onto something?
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo (that is a nightmare to spell) has a mini-coming out party on Saturday. In 28 minutes, the Greek Freak had 10 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 block and 2 threes made. This is only a WTF because Giannis should be averaging way more than 15 minutes per game. He is a future star.
  • Josh Smith has the most Josh Smith-line ever on Friday. Check this ‘masterpiece’ out: 8 points, 19 rebounds, 8 assists, 5 steals, 2 blocks, 4/16 FG, 0/4 FT, 5 TOs. I really don’t know whether to be impressed by the rebounds, assists, steals and blocks, or if I should recoil in horror from the shooting percentages and the turnovers. That’s why I love Josh Smith.
Dec 2
Get out of my house, Sideshow Andy!


PG – Steph Curry (Sunday) – 36 PTS, 10 AST, 2 REB, 3 STL, 1 BLK, 5 THREES, 14/24 FG, 3/3 FT, 7 TOs

So far, we have seen Derrick Rose’s season end, Marc Gasol go down for a long time and now who knows with Anthony Davis. Coming into the season, most would have said that Steph Curry is more injury prone than any of those guys. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you could trade Steph straight-up for Kevin Love, Paul George or James Harden, you should. There is a lot of randomness involved with injuries, so I tend to avoid the injury-prone label, but if anyone deserves it, it’s Steph. This of course has nothing to do with his production, which is off the charts. It’s simply a way of hedging your bet.

SG – Jordan Crawford (Friday) – 11 PTS, 11 REB, 10 AST, 1 STL, 1 THREE, 4/14 FG, 2/2 FT, 2 TOs

Me: Name?

Jordan: Jordan Crawford

Me: Let’s see here… 31 points, 11 assists, 7 rebounds…that’s a great line and everything, but you were 3 rebounds short of the triple-double. I can’t let you in

Jordan: That was JAMAL Crawford. I said my name is JORDAN Crawford.

Me: Sorry about that, I just have J. Crawford written down. Now that I think about it, I’ve also got doubles of M. Morris and M. Plumlee. I should probably include the full first names, shouldn’t I?

Jordan: You’re an idiot

SF – Kevin Durant (Sunday) – 32 PTS, 12 AST, 10 REB, 4 BLK, 4 STL, 3 THREES, 14/21 FG, 1/2 FT, 2 TOs

This line is a masterpiece. It is the best line of the season so far. I could just sit here and stare at it for hours. I don’t know whether that speaks to me being an insane fan, or just plain insane, but it’s beautiful. Has anyone ever recorded a 30/10/10 triple double while adding four blocks and four steals? If so, have they done all that while hitting 2/3rds of their shots from the field? I need to move on before this starts to get weird.

PF – Anthony Davis (Friday) – 22 PTS, 10 REB, 3 AST, 4 BLK, 2 STL, 11/20 FG, 0/1 FT, 1 TO

Let’s just hope this is not his swan song (Pelican song?) on what’s been a historic Sophomore season.

C – Andre Drummond (Sunday) – 31 PTS, 19 REB, 6 STL, 2 BLK, 12/15 FG 7/18 FT, 1 TO

Andre Drummond was the 9th pick overall in the 2012 NBA draft. He was selected one spot after Terrence Ross, who was taken by my Toronto Raptors. The rationale for passing on Drummond was that we already had our center of the future in Jonas Valanciunas. I still like Jonas and everything, but if he puts up that line by Drummond even once in his career, I will be surprised.

If you play in a H2H League, and can punt FT%, Drummond all of the sudden becomes a top-30 option for you. You have to avoid him in Roto (7/18 FT is a killer!) but he dominates in points, rebounds, blocks, steals and FG% like few NBA centers can. Actually, he’s not really dominating blocks this year. He’s averaging only 1.2 per game. However, it’s alright, because he’s giving you 2 steals per game, and elite number for any player.


What would you think of a trade where I give up my Greg Monroe and Arron Afflalo for Marc Gasol. I have a pretty decent lead in my conference, so I can stomach the return time. I would also be grabbing Jimmy Butler off of free agency – Chris

As a strategy, when I have a good lead in my league, I do like the idea of targeting high-level injured players. If you team is strong enough that you can grind out wins without a Marc Gasol, then once he returns, you become unbeatable. It’s a clever strategy that I fully support.

However, in this particular trade scenario, you’re simply giving up too much. Greg Monroe gives you 80-90% of the stats that Marc does on any given night. When you factor in Gasol’s severe injury, a Monroe for Gasol trade straight-up sounds fair to me. When you add in Afflalo to the equation however, the scales tip in the other direction. He has been and remains a sell-high candidate for me, but he’s essentially being used as a throw-in here. He’s much better than that.

Chris, I do like the idea of targeting Marc Gasol (and adding Jimmy Butler), but I think you’re including too much to get it done. I would downgrade either Monroe or Afflalo to someone less valuable and make a counter-offer.


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Photo from Wikipedia Commons user Erik Drost. All stats from


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